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Total Rescue Solutions

Ferno Rescue offers total rescue equipment solutions for the professionals that use it and those they serve.

Ferno is the global leader in pre-hospital emergency care solutions serving emergency services including EMS, fire rescue, mortuary, industrial safety and police.

Ferno exports to more than 150 countries and has partnered with safety and regulatory agencies and customers globally to create a new vision for delivery of emergency care. The company employs a dedicated team of customer-focused industry experts who are ready to share that vision with you.

Equipment For Every Scenario

Ferno's portfolio of innovative product solutions supports the movement of interoperability between the various tiers of emergency services and are considered industry standard in professional rescue programs. Ferno equipment has earned a reputation for being durable, efficient and intuitive to use - successfully meeting the needs of both the responder and the victim.


Who's Who?

Participants within the Ferno Rescue group are well known contributors to the rescue industry with award-winning designs and equipment for a broad range of scenarios and environments. These companies are:

These key suppliers have developed leading patient extrication, immobilisation and transportation products ranging from traditional rescue scenarios through to technical rescue and mass casualty / disaster response and treatment.