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Ferno Arachnipod Total Edge Management System



The Ferno Arachnipod is an artificial high directional system that provides numerous ways to safely manage all types of edges and voids. Its modular design makes the Arachnipod the world's most versatile modular total edge management system (TEMS).

At the core of the Arachnipod system are its legs with three styles of patented connecting heads and its selection of feet which cater for different surface conditions. Similar to the principles of Meccano™ and Lego Technical™, Arachnipod legs, feet and other components are combined together to create different edge management systems to best suit the environment and job at hand.


For a system that does so much, the Arachnipod is pleasantly simple and quick to configure. Once familiar with Arachnipod, all systems can be configured under three minutes so operators can progress to rigging and stabilisation sooner. Many thoughtful features are built into the Arachnipod to enhance its usability and cost-effectiveness. There's a reason why the Arachnipod was awarded a Design mark by the Australian Design Council! 

  • The Arachnipod system can be purchased in a choice of six pre-assembled core kits from a Standard Tripod all the way up in complexity to a Total Edge Management System which has the capacity to manage the most technical and challenging access or rescue scenario. 
  • Additional accessories and components may be purchased either singly or in expansion kits which are collated to perform specific functions. These enable you to expand and transform the Arachnipod into a greater variety of edge management configurations. 
  • Built for strength and durability, Arachnipod packs flat and is supplied with bags for convenient transport and safe storage. 

The Arachnipod's versatility makes it an ideal system for workers in many industries including:

  • Construction 
  • Utility services 
  • Mining
  • Rescue and emergency services
  • Military
  • Film and Entertainment
  • Maintenance and more. 

However simple or complex the scenario, we are confident Arachnipod will provide the solution to your access or edge management requirement. 

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