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Ferno Arachnipod Total Edge Management System


Ferno Arachnipod is the world’s most versatile modular total edge management system (TEMS).
 Additional legs, components and accessories can be added to any Arachnipod kit to expand its versatility and ability to suit the scenario or application.  The Arachnipod system's innovative design earned an Australian design Mark.

The unique design of the patented modular head means the Arachnipod can be constructed into many different configurations including a gin or monopole, bipod, tripod, quadpod, bridge system and handrail recovery monopole.

For heavy loads, four legs can used to form a quadpod and increase the safe working load (SWL). Extra leg styles and all accessories can be purchased separately or in kits and added to existing Arachnipod models as your needs change.

The Arachnipod's versatility makes it an ideal system for workers in industries such as:

  • Rrescue and emergency services
  • Military
  • Construction and Mining
  • Power and water
  • Film industry and maintenance
Approved to CE Standard EN 795B

How It Works

The Arachnipod, in its most basic form, is a simple tripod with the three legs independently pivoting from an anodised aluminium head. The modular head has a similar design to a door hinge. Inserting or removing a pin through the centre of the head allows the quick and simple addition or removal of components to create a configuration to suit any edge management scenario.

Each head section contains a shackle for guying while an optional in-built twin grooved stainless steel pulley is also available.

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